Dr. Josip Batinić

Calgary Chiropractor

Hello dear reader. My name is Dr. Josip Batinić, pronounced Yosip Batinich, and I am a Chiropractor, Co-owner and Clinic Director here at National Spine & Wellness. Originally, I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a nation situated in the Southeastern Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. My family and I emigrated to Canada in the late 1990s and have called Calgary home, ever since.

Playing several sports in school, I naturally gravitated to study Kinesiology, and after four long winters in Saskatoon, I completed my studies and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan as an exercise physiologist. Not long after, I was enrolled in Doctor of Chiropractic studies at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. And after another four long and humid Ontario summers, I returned home to Calgary where I now practice.

I enjoy working in our clinic and feel an immeasurable amount of gratitude being able to help those that seek my assistance. However, working in National Spine & Wellness multidisciplinary environment, I am lucky enough to work alongside other fantastic professionals to help patients get better. In other words, we put our experience and expertise together to deliver the best care to all of our patients.

On a personal note, I enjoy relaxing through fishing; and according to our good Dr. McMorland (another chiropractor at the clinic) I’m still waiting to catch one.