Dr. Josip Batinić


Hello, I’m Dr. Josip Batinić, a chiropractor, co-owner, and clinic director of National Spine & Wellness in Calgary. My family and I moved to Canada from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the late 1990s.

During my school years, I developed an interest in kinesiology and pursued it at the University of Saskatchewan, where I graduated as an exercise physiologist. Later, I studied chiropractic at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.

In the past, I taught exercise physiology at Mount Royal University and had a great time doing it. Nowadays, I volunteer for the Kidney Foundation and participate in the Kidney March, a 100-kilometer walk over three days that raises awareness for kidney disease and organ donation.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work at National Spine & Wellness, where I collaborate with other skilled professionals to provide the best care for our patients. It’s fulfilling to assist those who come to us seeking help, particularly those with persistent neck pain, headaches, and a history of concussions.

When I’m not working, I enjoy fishing to relax. Although I haven’t caught anything yet, I remain hopeful, as our colleague Dr. McMorland, another chiropractor at our clinic, says.

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