Are you Suffering from Headaches and Migraines in Calgary?

If you have ever experienced a migraine or a headache, you know that they are serious business. Migraines and headaches are something that affect a great number of people in Calgary – especially due to our Chinooks and rapidly up and down weather. National Spine & Wellness has the solution (for the headaches, not the weather 😜)!

Our commitment to you is you leave your first assessment with clear answers to three fundamental questions:

  1. What is causing my headaches? This is your diagnosis.
  2. Can you help me? This is your care plan. If this is something we treat, we will lay that out in clear and concise terms. If this is not something we treat, but we know who does, we can get you going in that direction as well.
  3. How long with it take for me to get better? This is the prognosis. Any good care plan must include a timeframe we would expect to see significant improvement.

What are some of the Symptoms of a Migraine Headache?

  • Depression
  • Irritation
  • Light intolerance
  • Intolerance to loud noises
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

These are some of the many symptoms that can occur before a headache or migraine starts.

So, if you’re not sure if you have had a migraine before, then chances are you probably never had one. Migraine pain can be extremely painful, and for many patients, it leaves them unable to function. True migraine headaches typically respond well to medical management but there may also be contributing factors that require a broader spectrum of treatment. Our expert clinicians at National Spine & Wellness will help diagnose what’s causing the headache and put together a customized and individualized care plan!

Team-Based Health Care for Headaches and Migraines?

Often, you need combined treatment approaches to treat your headaches effectively. Collaborative care requires effective communication among the various healthcare practitioners that might be involved. Our chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists all work closely with each other to ensure you get the best care. This includes communicating and working collaboratively with your medical team.

Your Experienced and Expert Team!

A Clinic You Can Trust

It is the practice of a strong work ethic, continuous education, and prioritizing patient outcomes that makes the difference. Together with our knowledge, programs and expertise, our mission is to help you live a perpetual life of wellness. We are National Spine & Wellness, and we invite you to experience proven results through expert care.

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National Spine Care | New Patient Exam
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National Spine Care | New Patient Exam
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National Spine Care | New Patient Exam
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So How Do We Treat Headaches and Migraines?

The kind of treatment for headaches you need will depend on what is causing the problem. The National Spine & Wellness Team will work diligently to find the source of your headaches. Millions of dollars are spent each year treating headaches with drugs. Often, other causes of your headache can be identified and treated by our chiropractors, physiotherapists, medical acupuncturists, massage therapists, and exercise experts potentially alleviating the need for drug therapy. They will work closely with your family doctor or medical specialist(s) to collaboratively treat your headaches.

If it is more convenient, we have medical physicians on staff who can lend a hand. Our physicians can help determine if drug therapy may be appropriate for you. Often times, drug therapy only forms a piece of the solution. Our physicians collaborate closely with the other members of our health care team to ensure a comprehensive, individualized, and customized treatment solution occurs.

Our Calgary Chiropractic team approach every patient individually, using evidence-based diagnostic testing and the latest treatments and techniques.If you are looking for a Calgary Chiropractor, we are here to serve you! Contact our office by telephone at (403) 270-2752 or Book Online Today!

How the MCU can Strengthen Your Neck!

Using the MCU, we can measure your neck strength in 16 directions to see which of your neck muscles are weak. We can then help you strengthen those neck muscles. We will retest you to make sure you are now strong in all directions. Just as importantly, we will make sure that you are balanced left to right and front to back.

Once you have enough strength in your neck muscles, then you will be able to support the weight of your head without aggravating your symptoms, or without your neck continually going out of place.

The Multi-Cervical Unit is the only effective way to test your neck in all directions, then quickly rebuild your neck strength and restore balance.

We have a new treatment available. Click here to learn about the MCU and how it can help you with your headaches and migraine.


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National Spine & Wellness’ 3 Step Treatment Plan

Our care involves the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders
of the muscles, bones, and joints, especially the spine. Your first visit to National
Spine & Wellness is dedicated to learning about the history of your pain and how
it impacts your daily life.

The information we gather during your initial assessment is used to create a 3-
step treatment plan.

Step One: Pain Relief

Did you know that manual therapy is one of only very few treatments science has proven to be the most effective for relieving your back and neck pain? Our team are experts at this treatment but also understand that this isn’t all you may need to get better.

They also work collaboratively with your health care team to get you out of pain and get you moving in a safe, controlled fashion.

Step Two: Rebuild Strength & Agility

Ask yourself, if you were 100% what would you be doing?

That is the question we put to you first and foremost so we can customize your treatment plan.

Once your pain begins to go away we empower you to gain the knowledge, understanding, and tools to build your resiliency to get back to the activities you love.

Step Three: Maintain & Improve

By using a wellness model customized to your specific needs, we can give you the knowledge and tools to maintain and improve your health in a wellness model. Once the problem that was causing your symptoms is corrected, we will also work with you to learn ways to prevent the pain from returning.

The goal of our care is to offer preventative maintenance for pain-free living.

National Spine & Wellness