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I am very grateful to have been referred to this clinic and Dr. McMorland. I had been dealing with a postpartum low back issue for the better part of a year, seeing many medical professionals with no clear diagnosis or end in sight. After a thorough assessment and extensive treatment plan I’m happy to say with some continued work on my part, I was able to celebrate my kids first birthday pain free! 10/10 recommend this clinic. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Accommodating and professional.

Amandha Richter – Google

I have nothing but good things to say about the team at National Spine Care and Sports Medicine. After experiencing low back discomfort and seeing multiple physiotherapists and chiropractors for over a year, I just wasn’t seeing any progress. An initial assessment with Dr. McMorland and a few follow up appointments got me on track and I can finally start to get back to enjoying every day living. The physio and massage therapists are well educated and really help you understand how the body works and ways to keep your body healthy moving forward. I’d like to that Dr. Frank Johnson at Cochrane Sport Physio for referring me to this clinic.

Ryan Fifield – Google

I’ve spent most of my adult life with back issues. This team has given me a new outlook. From Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and Nutrition…I have been professionally assisted and advised. I highly recommend this team.

Craig Jenkinson- Google

I have had a great experience with the National Spine Care and Sports Medicine Centre. Everyone is friendly and professional. The first meeting was very thorough and an action plan was decided upon and clearly laid out. I would highly recommend this facility.

Shivaun Miele – Google

Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff. Dr Batinic and Reva applied a combo of massage and chiro that significantly reduced back pain after years of neglect.

Selina Campbell – Google

The chiropractors at National Spine Care and Sports Medicine provide excellent care and service. Dr. Josip Batinic has been treating my husband and I, both triathletes, for the last 6 months for injuries and with preventative measures. His strong hands, combination of active release, chiropractic treatments, and recommendations for at-home exercises have done wonders for our health! Highly recommended.

Cynthia McClain – Google

Dr. McMorland and Lindsay Woodnick, PT have made all the difference helping me to recover from a L5 herniated disc.

Adam Saunders – Google

National Spine Care changed my life! I got referred here by my doctor after suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain that had prevented me from doing any sort of activities in the past three years. After just one month on the MCU machine, I feel much stronger. I never thought I could get back to feeling ‘normal’ again. So a big thank you to Dr. Batinic, Dr.McMorland and the rest of the team!

Chelsea Kleinsasser – Google

i was referred to National Spine Care and Sports Medicine Centre by a colleague because “they know their stuff”. Dr. Josip Batinic diagnosed my issue and led the cheerful, welcoming and non-judgmental team that put me on the path beyond immediate recovery and beyond to sustainable health. NSCSM had a coordinated team approach that provided the right support for each stage of my recovery. i can’t recommend NSCSM enough for anyone with a back injury or other condition, regardless of cause or source. NSCSM has serious resources to assist with diagnosis and rehabilitation. The downtown location has convenient parking, and was accessible, particularly when moving in cold weather was a significant struggle early on in my recovery. NSCSM “knows their stuff”.

Colin K. – Google

Very impressed with both staff and facility. Drs both explained very well the plan of treatment, their reasoning behind the plan, and what I might expect the results to be. What I can do to aid in my recovery. Did an ultra soundbof my knee to illustrate what exactly the problem was and how to correct it.

Jaun De Marchi- Google

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