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An Introduction to National Spine & Wellness

Our Story

Let’s take a trip back in time and introduce you to Dr. Gord McMorland.

Want to know more about National Spine & Wellness? NSW evolved out of Dr. Gord’s private chiropractic practice, which he started more than 25 years ago with his wife, Sandra running the front desk. I know, right? That’s a more than a quarter of century folks!

What began as a solo practitioner gig gradually evolved into National Spine & Wellness in 2002! The cool thing is that our patients continue to hang with NSW with incredible loyalty to us such that they have been seeking our help maintaining their health for over 25 years. As the years went by, health care practitioners and patient experience coordinators (“Ambassadors”) joined into champion the cause.

Through some networking and research initiatives, Dr. Gord met a spinal neurosurgeon, John Hurlbert. John was the head of the University of Calgary Spine Program. At the time, Neurosurgeons were frustrated by their long wait lists, the majority of which were filled with people that didn’t need surgery to fix their back and neck problems.

Gord suggested, “why don’t we specially train chiropractors and physiotherapists to do the initial workup and triage the patients and only consult the surgeons on patients that have a problem surgery can help with” (You might call Gord Captain Obvious for that insightful idea).

The early days saw Gord and John team up with two other neurosurgeons, Stephan du Plessis, and Steve Casha, as well as a physiatrist, Dan McGowan and physiotherapist, Bob Jacobsen.

The program went really well. Within a year, our team was able to shrink the waiting list to meet a surgeon by 70% and increase the specialist’s consult efficiency by four-fold.

These early efforts really helped those who required spine surgery; however, it was quickly realized that the vast majority of people with back and neck pain did not require surgery. They needed something more. Fast forward to today…

Today, NSW is a place where incredibly talented individuals collaborate in an integrated team environment to put their work into the hands of thousands of people. We specialize in Non-Surgical (Conservative) treatment of Spine and Extremity musculoskeletal pain and injury.

Now that we are in our brand new location at 1815 10 Avenue SW, National Spine & Wellness has now partnered with TCR Sports Lab to offer you additional health and wellness services.

During the past 25 years, Dr. Gord and his team have evolved our health & wellness vision:

To provide patients with the ability to live the highest quality, most pain-free lives possible.

We Are More Than Just Chiropractic Care

You can build your health care team around you at NSC with health & wellness services as Chiropractic Care, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, PERI-NATAL Care, Nutrition Counselling, Pediatric, Custom Exercise and Much More!

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