Physiotherapy Care

Symptoms and Conditions We Treat

Your National Spine & Wellness physiotherapists are considered experts in treating
neuromusculoskeletal ailments such as:

Recovery from injuries
(e.g., whiplash, falls, sports injury)
Repetitive strain injury
Postural problems
Muscle tension
Piriformis syndrome
Tennis elbow
Muscle tension or spasm
Pain after exercise
Pain after or during everyday activities
Chronic pain after injury or surgery

Headaches and migraines
Joint Pain & Discomfort
Neck Pain
Low Back & Hip Pain
Spinal Disc Conditions
TMJ disorders and pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Common Sprains & Strains
Limited mobility
and more…

physiotherapy clinic

Physiotherapy Care is a Natural, Drug-Free Health Care Service

We understand that pain medication may sometimes be required; however, there are often alternatives that will help you without having to rely on medication to manage your pain. Our physiotherapists have worked closely with spine surgeons, so in cases where surgery has been recommended, we will evaluate your current health and plan a course of treatment that may eliminate the need for surgery.

Your Choice for Downtown Calgary Physiotherapy

If you are looking for downtown Calgary Physiotherapy care, chances are, you are experiencing pain or discomfort. Whether it is chronic pain from a lingering ailment or acute pain from a recent injury or accident, our Physiotherapists and Wellness Team at National Spine & Wellness have one goal in mind, and that’s helping you live a pain-free life.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, if your insurance allows for it, we can direct bill for some or all of the cost associated with Physiotherapy treatment!

To give you the attention you deserve, we offer longer, one-on-one appointment times with your physiotherapist.

Your Experienced and Expert Team!

A Clinic You Can Trust

It is the practice of a strong work ethic, continuous education, and prioritizing patient outcomes that makes the difference. Together with our knowledge, programs and expertise, our mission is to help you live a perpetual life of wellness. We are Momentum Health National Spine & Wellness, and we invite you to experience proven results through expert care.

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National Spine Care | New Patient Exam
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National Spine Care | New Patient Exam
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National Spine Care | New Patient Exam
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We Are on Your Team

In addition to the general public, at Momentum Health National Spine & Wellness, we understand the specific needs of both professional and amateur athletes when it comes to recovering from an injury or performing at the highest degree for your sport. Often injuries and performance require a collaborative approach, so our physiotherapists work alongside other health care providers (Chiropractors, Massage therapists, Medical Doctors) to support your health goals. Your treatment plan is based on several proven treatments that are sport or activity specific, and we will work with you to not only correct any imbalances in your body but help tailor your overall health & fitness regime as well. The bigger picture is to help you improve your performance, suffer fewer injuries, and ultimately recover quicker.


If you’re looking for a physiotherapist/miracle worker, Lindsay Fraser is the woman for you. I’ve been seeing Lindsay for a few months now.. prior to meeting her I had slipped... read more

Amanda Quinn

Amazing staff, and clinic! I have seen both Dr. Batinic and Dr. Edgecombe, both are incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and professional!! I used the MCU, neck adjustments and needling,... read more

Lisa MacSween

Josip has made a huge difference in my life and my wife’s. I had a disc issue with SI involvement and he pinpointed the SI involvement right away, and adjusted... read more

matt mister

National Spine & Wellness’ 3 Step Treatment Plan

Our care involves the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders
of the muscles, bones, and joints, especially the spine. Your first visit to National
Spine & Wellness is dedicated to learning about the history of your pain and how
it impacts your daily life.

The information we gather during your initial assessment is used to create a 3-
step treatment plan.

Step One: Pain Relief

Did you know that manual therapy is one of only very few treatments science has proven to be the most effective for relieving your back and neck pain? Our team are experts at this treatment but also understand that this isn’t all you may need to get better.

They also work collaboratively with your health care team to get you out of pain and get you moving in a safe, controlled fashion.

Step Two: Rebuild Strength & Agility

Ask yourself, if you were 100% what would you be doing?

That is the question we put to you first and foremost so we can customize your treatment plan.

Once your pain begins to go away we empower you to gain the knowledge, understanding, and tools to build your resiliency to get back to the activities you love.

Step Three: Maintain & Improve

By using a wellness model customized to your specific needs, we can give you the knowledge and tools to maintain and improve your health in a wellness model. Once the problem that was causing your symptoms is corrected, we will also work with you to learn ways to prevent the pain from returning.

The goal of our care is to offer preventative maintenance for pain-free living.

Maintenance and Prevention

The care you receive at National Spine & Wellness goes beyond just treating your ailment. Our
goal is to have our clients maintain the results of their treatment and learn how
to prevent injury in the future. We work with you to develop a plan that
helps transition our patients from active therapy to an injury prevention and maintenance plan.

National Spine & Wellness